Hear What Some Of The Parents Have To Say!

Craig, we wanted to tell you that Freddie had a great time at your summer camp program. He enjoyed the scrimmages, learning to catch fly balls, sliding and rotating to the different stations. Freddie will be able to use the skills he learned the past two weeks when he plays this fall. We will be signing up for your Fall Program at The Club.

CK’s Baseball 4u Dad

Craig, I just wanted to thank you again for what turned out to be a wonderful experience for Stephen. He truly enjoyed the camp these past two weeks and, though tired, was always excited to go back the next day. My husband and I also appreciated the fundamental techniques you taught him, skills that he will always use (and need) as he continues to play and grow.

CK’s Baseball 4u Mom

I did want to write you a note, but I’ve been so busy. I wanted to tell you that Anthony’s session with you worked WONDERS! In his very next game (Monday night) he went 3 for 3, two doubles (one ground-rule) and a single-all scorched line-drives. He was So happy! And it was especially great because it was his birthday and it made him feel like a million bucks.

CK’s Baseball 4u Dad