What’s the biggest surprise in the MLB this year?

The Yankees hot start? The bad start for the Angels or Dodgers? The Blue Jays looking like the Marlins of 2012? … [Read more...]

What if the Sox had kept Babe Ruth on their team?

This date in baseball history on May 6, 1915, saw Babe Ruth connect on the 1st of his 714 homeruns. His first one was as a member of the Boston Red Sox and apparently the Sox thought he was not good enough for them so he was later sold to the New York Yankees. The rest they say is history as the Yankees have gone on to win 27 World Series, the most … [Read more...]


I am sure many people heard about the high school baseball game that resulted in a bench clearing brawl last week between Red Bank Regional and Rumson Fair-Haven. The brawl was apparently started initially by a base runner running over the catcher and everybody who has played this game at the amateur level knows the slide and avoid rule. Players … [Read more...]

CK’s Open House!!!

OPEN HOUSE at CK's on May 11th from 11 to 2. Come use the batting cages, see how fast you can throw on the radar gun and try your skill throwing at targets. There will be food and raffles!!! Bring the whole family!! … [Read more...]

We’re rooting for Boston

The events in Boston yesterday were a despicable act, there is no other way to describe it. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected. Unfortunately, it always seems that negative events bring out the best in us as a society. We should EVERYDAY focus on what IT is THAT IS good in people and not have to let horrific events like … [Read more...]

Who can we call about better scheduling around here?!

MLB has to figure a way to put together a better schedule early in the season. The Mets were in Minnesota this weekend playing baseball in the SNOW and finally today were postponed due to inclement weather. Maybe some of the hundreds of millions of dollars that was spent on Target Field should have included a retractable dome to avoid early season … [Read more...]

And the claws come out

The Dodgers/Padres game last night resulted in an all out brawl in the 6th inning after Zack Greinke of the Dodgers hit Carlos Quentin of the Padres in the back with a pitch. I think Carlos got confused because instead of taking first base he stormed out to the pitchers mound and decided to tackle Greinke. What happened to the days of just take … [Read more...]

Jackie Robinson’s Major League Debut

Today's Date In Baseball History: April 10, 1947 will forever be one of the most important dates in baseball lure. This was the date that Jackie Robinson's contract was purchased by the Brooklyn Dodgers from the Montreal Royals and 5 days later on April 15th, Jackie Robinson made his major league debut. He integrated the game of baseball and paved … [Read more...]

Will the Mets dominate?

It is still very early in the season but with week 1 in the books the Mets are 5-2 in the very competitive NL east. They are coming off a dominating performance last night with rookie sensation Matt Harvey winning again striking out 9 and giving up only 3 hits in 7 innings. John Buck provided all the offense the Mets needed with a 3 run homerun off … [Read more...]

Baseball is BACK!

As Opening Day started the other day, there were a lot of nice storylines. Bryce Harper at 20 years old hit 2 home runs, Clayton Kershaw not only pitched a complete game shutout but also hit a home run to give the Dodgers the lead onto victory over the defending World Series Champion Giants. The Braves new outfield contributed in beating the … [Read more...]