Most Expensive Baseball Cards in History

  There’s no arguing with the facts: there are a lot of valuable baseball cards out there. There are three main factors that are used to determine the worth of these cards: their rarity, their condition and the interest from collectors. What this means is that just because a baseball card is old doesn’t make it valuable. That said, some of the … [Read more...]

History of Collecting Baseball Cards

Collecting baseball cards has become an American tradition. In fact, it’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when baseball cards were not collected. But, there was. It is generally believed that the first baseball cards were issued in 1887 by several tobacco companies. Goodwin & Company issued the N172 series in their Old Judge and … [Read more...]

The History of the Stitching on a Baseball

  With the World Series just around the corner, it’s hard not to think about baseball and how it has been part of American history for decades. The baseball is the iconic staple of the sport, with its bright white surface and stitched red lines. But, have you ever wondered how the red stitching came to be? One would think that in today’s era of … [Read more...]