4 Reasons to Love Baseball

There’s only a few months out of the year when we can’t turn on the TV and see a baseball game, and that’s NOW. The World Series just ended about a month ago, and it’s the one true month of rest before the holidays and talk of spring training comes up. But, that’s doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about why we love the sport. In fact, here’s four reasons to love baseball, even in the off season.

1. No Time Limit

Unlike other sports that are so focused on the clock (have you ever seen the way football utilizes the last few seconds?), baseball has no such limitations. Love it or hate it, these lengthy games are the perfect setting for making memories and setting new records.

2. It’s a Mind Game

Baseball is a game that requires deep mental concentration. There is a unique language that no one else can understand – ERA, WHIP, LOB – and it relies heavily on the numbers. Although the physicalities of the sport are simple, the brains behind it are not.

3. Every Player Matters

In baseball, every player matters. Just about all players come into the game at some point, and when the players are out there, their contribution to the team counts. It’s not common that you ask, “Now who’s that guy?”

4. A Long, Lengthy Season

Whether it’s spring training, in-season games or postseason, baseball is a sport to be enjoyed through spring, winter and fall. Dreams are made, records are broken and rookies emerge all within this time frame. You can literally watch players unfold right before your eyes.

What are YOUR reasons for loving the sport of baseball?