8 Reasons to Love Baseball This Summer

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and for good reason. With over 150 games, intense spring training and some of the best playoffs around, baseball is simply the greatest sport for many. Here are eight great reasons to love baseball a little more this summer!

1. Baseball is the start of great things. This is especially true if you live in a cold-weather climate, as the sound of that first ‘ping’ of a baseball bat signifies the start of spring, the optimism of summer and the end of a cold winter.

2. Baseball is a fair sport. There are no coin tosses. The clock won’t run down. Each team gets their 27 outs no matter what the score is. This makes baseball a fair game with equal opportunities for both teams.

3. Sports fans may come home with a souvenir. You’re not going to walk away with a hockey puck, a basketball or a football, but when you attend a baseball game, there’s a fair chance that you may come home with a baseball. Catching a foul ball or home run is part of the fun.

4. Baseball has a long season. Because of this, there are plenty of games to see in your home town, and tickets are much more affordable than, say, tickets to a football game would be. Also, this gives your favorite team the chance to redeem themselves if they didn’t have a good start to the season.

5. All players start off equal. If your favorite player had a poor season last year, it doesn’t matter now. It’s a new season. Each player starts off with a .000 average and has a 0-0 record with a zero ERA. What a way to wipe the slate clean.

6. Ballparks. Perhaps it’s the fresh hot dogs, the buttered popcorn or the cheesy nachos. Or maybe it’s the bright blue sky, the sound of a bat against a ball or the scent of freshly mowed grass. Ballparks have so much to offer and remind us of why we love baseball.

7. Fantasy Baseball Leagues. Need we say more? If you need any extra motivation to pay attention to the season, Fantasy Baseball will ignite that interest.

8. Building new memories. You can take the kids. You can make a proposal. You can rent out a skybox for a birthday. Whatever the occasion, memories are always made at baseball games. Between America’s favorite pastime and the intriguing qualities of our nation’s ballparks, there’s something for everyone to love.