A Babe in the History Books

Feb 6, 1895, arguably the greatest baseball player ever was born, George Herman Ruth. He was known in the baseball world as “The Babe.” If any one player can be responsible for revolutionizing a game or sport Babe Ruth is at the top of that list. He was an exceptional pitcher for the Boston Red Sox but is most known for his hitting prowess during his days with the New York Yankees. He was the first player to ever hit more than 50 home runs in a season and then hit the 60 mark in 1927. That record stood for 34 years until Roger Maris broke the record with 61 long balls in 1961. To show how he revolutionized baseball with respect to power, in 1920 Babe Ruth hit 54 home runs and the St. Louis Browns entire team hit 50 and in 1927, the year “The Babe” hit 60, the A’s as a team only hit 56. He also was one of the first athletes to transcend the game with his off the field aura and personality, where one of his famous quotes after being told by a fan: Babe, did you know your salary last year was more than the president, Babe responded with “I had a better year!” Happy Birthday Babe!