Advantages to Having Your Child Participate in Team Sports

There’s more to team sports than winning and losing. For kids, athletic sports are fun and healthy outlets that release energy, strengthen skills and boost self-esteem levels. By keeping active, kids adopt healthy lifestyle choices like eating wholesome foods and avoiding too much time in front of the TV or gaming system. They also cultivate healthy relationships and a strong work ethic.

Let’s take a look at the many benefits to having your child participate in team sports and be a champion for life.

Social Benefits

If you’ve watched your child partake in team sports, you’re already familiar with the aspect of being a strong team player. Yet the social skills that your child learns to strengthen on the playing field will pay off in the future as well. Learning how to cooperate with teammates, follow directions and develop friendships set the foundation for establishing healthy social relationships at school and work. Also, team sports teach youngsters about being a good sport, meaning that they appreciate others’ contributions to the team while empathizing with others who may not have performed as well.

Physical Benefits

Research shows that kids who are involved in team sports are physically stronger and healthier than their less athletic peers. And, it’s not hard to agree with these findings. Childhood obesity has tripled between 1980 and 2010, and we’re seeing more kids with adult health problems like diabetes and heart disease. Physical activity on any level provides kids with the exercise they need to be healthy, preventing chronic health conditions today and in the future.

Mental Benefits

Competition is healthy, but it needs to be dealt with in a positive way. Starting your child off with the right attitude toward competition is pertinent, and it will ultimately shape the type of ‘good sport’ you want them to be. Team sports also encourage quick thinking, problem solving, self-discipline and persistence. And, in an everyone-gets-a-trophy-for-coming era, it’s more important than ever for kids to understand that there won’t always be a win. Dealing with disappointment will make your youngster stronger and better able to handle real-life events. After all, it’s never giving up that really makes the difference.