And the claws come out

The Dodgers/Padres game last night resulted in an all out brawl in the 6th inning after Zack Greinke of the Dodgers hit Carlos Quentin of the Padres in the back with a pitch. I think Carlos got confused because instead of taking first base he stormed out to the pitchers mound and decided to tackle Greinke. What happened to the days of just take your base? I know it seems like every time somebody gets hit by a pitch, a fight has to ensue. I would hope somebody would remind these players it is part of the game and if they do not want to get hit by a baseball, don’t play the game! In addition, Carlos Quentin’s tackling of Zack Greinke on the pitcher’s mound wound up breaking his collarbone. Now wouldn’t it be nice for Quentin to be suspended for however long Greinke will be on DL. That may have players think twice about wrestling as opposed to playing baseball.