Another day and another story about MLB and PED use!

This is the second year in a row that Ryan Braun, a former MVP, has been linked and of course this is the 2nd year in a row there is an excuse to the accuracy of the story. Another current Yankee also made some headlines yesterday, Francisco Cervelli in the same storyline. It makes you wonder that if MLB did not exist in the past decade that 2 of the greatest sports feats of all-time would still belong to Roger Maris and Hank Aaron and 61 and 755 would still resonate amongst baseball fans and purists. Although those numbers were surpassed by McGwire in 1998 with 70 then surpassed again by Bonds with 73 in 2001 then Bonds finished his career with 762 homeruns, those numbers will never equal 61 or 755 and those numbers are the true benchmarks of baseball immortality.

Growing up playing the game you want to view professional athletes not as role models, although some are, but rather people that are so physically gifted that they make a difficult game look simple. Anyone who has ever played the game knows it is a difficult game and it pains others that tried to do it the right way but fell a little short of their childhood dream. This is why when we see players like Derek Jeter and David Wright who seemingly have done everything right and have been very successful we cheer for them.

We shun players like a Bonds or a Clemens who have continually told inaccuracies of their alleged PED use and evidence seems overwhelmingly against them but continue to stress their innocence. Do they really belong next to Ruth, Mantle, Dimaggio, Seaver, Gibson or any of their predecessors who were immortal in the game of baseball and created the National Pastime? The answer apparently is no.

There are a generation of veteran stars, Jeter, Wright, Ryan Howard and young stars Trout and Harper who hopefully will continue the growth of this great game like the stars of yester year and make us as fans feel good about watching the game knowing they are performing skills that normal mortals can’t.

MLB has taken great strides since the home run barrage of the late 90’s and early 2000’s but it is stories like yesterday and of the past few weeks that rekindle a tarnished decade. However, lets not forget all the good the game provides and that every spring the game blossoms again when the flowers and trees begin to bud and when the weather begins to warm that our favorite pastime is still here and will be for a LONG LONG TIME!