Why Do People Put Tape on Their Baseball Bats?

You’ve probably seen baseball players tape up their bats, but you may not know why. Surely it’s not to hold the bat together since they are made from strong enough materials like metal, aluminum or wood. And it’s probably not a fashion statement either. The truth is that there are a number of reasons why people tape up their baseball bats, but all … [Read more...]

How to Soothe Sore Muscles After Baseball Games

Baseball players have a long season and hundreds of games to play, which means that there isn’t much break time in between games and practices. So when you’re faced with tired, sore muscles, how can you bounce back quickly so that you’re ready to play your hardest? Fortunately, there are things you can do to replenish your energy and relieve … [Read more...]

5 Things to Know as a New Coach

If you’ve chosen to be a coach for a youth baseball team, good for you! The experience is fun and rewarding, especially if you’ll be coaching your own child and their friends in the process. But being a new coach can also be intimidating. You want to do a great job and create a fun experience for the kids, but you also realize that you have parents … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons to Youth Travel Baseball

Summer is just around the corner, and you may be wondering whether you should sign your child up for a travel baseball team. For some young baseball players, joining a travel team is the next step in their journey. The stakes are higher, but it’s more competitive and rewarding. Also, if some of your child’s former teammates are trying out for a … [Read more...]

History of Big League Chew

There are not too many gum brands on the market that exhibit feelings of nostalgia. Big League Chew is one exception to the rule (and maybe Fruit Stripe Gum!). One look at a standard package of shredded gum and you’re bound to be thinking about days in the stands at your favorite baseball stadium. What is it about this gum that makes it a staple … [Read more...]

Best Pre-Game Foods for Kids

We all know which foods are best at a baseball game - nachos, hot dogs and popcorn to name a few - but you certainly wouldn’t want to feed your child these foods before heading onto the field. Instead, your child needs healthy snacks that will provide them with the energy that is needed to play a great game. If you’re like many parents, you may … [Read more...]

Tips for Developing Your Child’s Basic Athletic Skills

Parents are always interested in helping their children get better at sports. Most parents don’t expect their children to be the star of the team, but they do want them to be competent athletes that enjoy being on the baseball field. Most of us are naturally better at some things than others, and the same goes for children. You may find that within … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Child’s Focus on the Field

It’s important for athletes to stay focused during the game, but this doesn’t mean that focus comes easy. Kids especially tend to lose focus during baseball games because they become consumed by negative thoughts, coaches yelling or making mistakes. Some kids are also easily distracted, and you may see your own looking out in the distance, playing … [Read more...]

Tips for Practicing Baseball at Home

Baseball is a team sport, but you don’t need an entire team to practice your skills. Using at-home training tactics, you can advance your own skills and become a better athlete all around. Practicing at home also allows you to build confidence and control for when you are on the field. So gather up your baseball equipment and let’s get started with … [Read more...]