Baseball Etiquette, Yes There Are Rules!

It doesn’t matter what age you are, what team you play for or how skilled you are at baseball. There is etiquette to be practiced on the field and smart ways to show that you are gentlemen. When you play a sport, you’re always being watched. You may think that people are only paying attention to the home runs, and great plays in the field but onlookers also notice the behaviors, sportsmanship and etiquette of those on the field.

Let’s take a look at important baseball etiquette that everyone should be practicing!

Don’t run around the pitcher’s mound

The pitcher’s mound is the pitcher’s personal space, and it’s disrespectful to invade this space. This is an unwritten rule of course, and not everyone takes it as seriously as the next person. Still, there is plenty of space to run around the mound, so be respectful and do it.

Don’t “over do” the home run celebrations

Of course you’ll be proud when a home run is hit, but you don’t need to overdo your celebration, take your sweet time running the bases or make petty eye contact with the pitcher. The home run does the talking, so run the bases in a humble manner.

Don’t throw at someone’s head

Even if you think that no one will know it’s intentional, never EVER throw a ball toward the head or face. Even though players wear helmets, a baseball up around the head area can cause severe damage and end somebody’s playing career.

Don’t overwork bunts

Bunts can be a great way to advance runners, but if you’re already ahead by 8 or 9 runs, continuing to bunts is frowned upon. There’s no reason to rub it in the other team’s face. The same goes with stealing; if you are ahead by enough runs and are not being held on base, there’s no need to steal.

Don’t slide with your spikes pointing up

Sliding into base with your spikes up can cause another player to get seriously injured. This is especially true when you’re sliding in at full speed, as the spikes can cause severe cuts or bruises. Keep the spikes down and your head held high.