Baseball is BACK!

As Opening Day started the other day, there were a lot of nice storylines. Bryce Harper at 20 years old hit 2 home runs, Clayton Kershaw not only pitched a complete game shutout but also hit a home run to give the Dodgers the lead onto victory over the defending World Series Champion Giants. The Braves new outfield contributed in beating the Philies, albeit the Upton brothers were only 1-8, but Justin’s one hit was one of 3 homeruns given up by Cole Hamels. The Angels and their highpowered offense led by Pujols, Trout and the newly acquired Josh Hamilton did not do much but the Angels found other ways to win, watch out AL West! The oldest rivalry in baseball, Red Sox/Yankees and round 1 belongs to the Sox. Quite weird seeing Kevin Youkilis in a Yankee uniform and with no FACIAL HAIR! And how about the Mets having the most lopsided victory on opening day winning 11-2. Mets fans may not have a lot of stars in their lineup or much to cheer about this year, but they keep winning on Opening Day, having the best winning percentage. Ah, baseball is back, what could be better!!!