CK’s Cardinals Travel Baseball Team

CK’s Cardinals travel program is considered one of the most elite and well run programs in NJ.  The teams are managed and coached by CK’s professional staff, widely considered the most knowledgeable group of instructors in the state. 

Our program does not just consist of the typical showcase tournaments.  Rather, we take a two-prong approach with a direct marketing aspect.  We use direct marketing efforts to help narrow the families’ and players’ choices for a college.  This ensures a more systematic approach and higher yield of success when selecting a college.

Some of the tournaments our Teams have participated in have and will continue to include: Diamond Nation (Blue Chip), Super 17 at Diamond Nation, Sports at the Beach (Rehobeth), and Fure Stars in Hershey, PA.  Contact CK’s Baseball 4U  for more information about the CK’s Cardinals Travel Baseball Program.