Conditioning Classes

Speed & Agility Training
Becoming A Better Athlete at CK’s

CK’s offers classes specifically designed to increase your child’s athleticism.   CK’s Baseball4U and Complete Athletic Training have teamed up to provide programs that will help your child become a better athlete AND increase their self confidence.

Athleticism is an important and often overlooked aspect of youth baseball which includes Strength, Speed and Agility.  Without strength, you cannot produce force and without force production you will have trouble hitting with consistent power and running with and developing speed.

Learn from certified athletic trainers the necessary techniques and proper form to maximize your athletic strengths.  Develop a stronger lower body and perform the right exercises to build and maintain a healthy arm.  Improve your speed and quickness out of the batter’s box and in between bases.

Along with nutritional guidance, student athletes will learn how to bring their best “game” to the field and hold onto it.

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