Decorate Your Home for the Holidays with These Baseball-Themed Ideas


When you’re a baseball fan, you can’t help but think of baseball 24/7. Now that the holidays are here, you’re probably thinking about where you can fit baseball into your holiday schedule. You have a few months until spring training, so you need something to think about until this point.

Luckily, you came to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best baseball-themed holiday decorations we’ve seen on the Internet. Get ready to make your holiday a little bit brighter!

Baseball Christmas Tree

All you need to make a baseball ornament is a round, white ornament with a smooth surface. Keep things simple by painting on the red lines, or dazzle it up a bit with the words “Home Run” or the name of the player and their jersey number. Another cute idea is using a real baseball, painting on a face and adding a small sock to the top for the hat. Check out the design here.

Since most old baseball cards aren’t worth anything, consider punching small holes in the top and turning them into ornaments. They’re easy to hang on the tree and won’t take up much storage space. Complete your tree with red ribbon or bows and white lights. Your holiday tree will certainly be unique!

Baseball Wreath

Using 11 old baseballs, drill holes through them with a drill bit and string them together with a wire coat hanger. Use needle nose pliers to twist the open ends and top the wreath with a bow or other decoration. This project is easy once you get the drill bit through the ball, and it’s reminiscent of baseball from long ago. If you’re not comfortable drilling through baseballs, check out other wreath ideas that include fabric or burlap.

Baseball Snowmen

Apply white paint to a Mason jar and paint on red lines in a vertical direction. Place one of your favorite baseballs on the open end of the jar, with the red stitching curved upward like a smile. Using black buttons, glue on two eyes and a nose and add other cute accessories such as a felt hat or scarf. These mini baseball snowmen are super adorable and can be made with the kids. You can also give them as gifts!

Home Plate Doormat

You don’t want people tracking in snow and ice, so why not spruce up the home with door mats in the shape of home plate? Purchase a sisal rug and use a high quality paint to paint the edges and write “Home Plate” in the center. Or you can simply pick one up at this site – no further work needed!

Trophies with Ribbon

Why not repurpose old baseball trophies by tying a big red bow around them and adding them to your holiday decorations? Decorations are meant to be a combination of things you like and things that are sentimental to you, and baseball trophies are the perfect fit! They look sophisticated enough, and the holiday bow will add a nice touch.