Four Possible Signs of Child Burnout

At CK’s Baseball, we know firsthand how rewarding sports can be for young children. They give kids an outlet for releasing energy, allow them to practice team building skills and encourage regular physical activity. But, we also feel that it’s important for parents and coaches to recognize when a child has had enough. Some kids want to try everything, and they end up overworked and over-scheduled. Now that a new school year has started, it’s important to look at your child’s schedule and ensure that they still have plenty of time for play, relaxation and being a kid.

Here are four signs that your child may have tipped the burnt out scale.

1. Your child fights you on going to their activity.

If your child is young, they may react by arguing with you when it’s time to go to their activity. They may run around the house or refuse to get ready. Sometimes, this behavior is normal and can be related to stubbornness, but if it’s happening often, ask yourself why. Is it a particular activity your child does this for? What do they want to do instead? When kids enjoy what they do, it shouldn’t be a struggle to get them out the door.

2. Your child is having trouble in school.

It’s still early in the school year, but if you notice that your child is struggling academically, it may not be limited to one lesson that they don’t understand. Has your child had enough time to get their homework done? Do you have enough energy to help them with it? Are they prepared for test days with a good night’s rest or healthy breakfast? You may find that it’s a lack of time that’s creating these problems.

3. Your child is overtired and getting sick a lot.

With the start of a new school year, colds and viruses are frequent. But, if your child seems particularly run down, overtired and always catching the latest thing going around, it could be that they need some quality R&R. When kids are constantly on the go, they don’t have time to rest and repair their growing bodies. School-age kids need 10-12 hours of sleep each night. Is your child getting this?

4. Your child is showing out-of-the-ordinary behavior.

Maybe you found out your fourth grader was caught cheating on her test. Or perhaps your son suddenly wants to quit his baseball team. Even though kids can’t always make sense of their emotions, there are reasons why strange behavior may be taking place. It doesn’t hurt to give your kids a break from time to time. In fact, with breaks throughout the year, kids return to their activity with more energy and excitement, which is the way it should be.