How to Choose the Right Travel Baseball Team for Your Child

Travel baseball can be a rewarding experience for both you and your child, but it all lies in selecting the right team for your child’s needs. Travel baseball teams have seen explosive growth, so you may know of a few local travel teams from word of mouth. While it can be helpful to get a recommendation or two, in this particular case, it’s best to find what really works for your child rather than what everyone else is doing.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a travel baseball team.

Team Objectives

What is the mission of the travel team? If you find that the mission seems to be more about winning trophies, titles and games, then you may want to rethink these objectives, unless of course, this is exactly what you’re looking for. But in many cases, parents want their children to be in an environment where they can develop their skills so that they are ready to play at high school and college levels.

You may find that the independent team has a written mission statement, and this is a good sign. Also look for written rules of conduct, game expectations and the responsibilities of players and parents. You should also look for a baseball team that is committed to teaching your young child all aspects of baseball, including leadership skills and healthy lifestyle choices.

Team Dynamics

Who will be coaching your child? Who are the players on the team? What is the size of the team? These are all great questions to ask upfront, as the coaches and other players will have the biggest impact on how much your child enjoys their travel season. Ideally, the coach should be talented, informed and patient. Large teams are not a bad thing, so don’t be deterred by this. It can actually mean more parental involvement and financial stability in the long term.

Time Commitment

You already know that any travel team is a time commitment, but what exactly does this particular team require? You must be prepared to travel on weekends, attend late night games and volunteer your time in other ways. Not only does your time matter, but so does your child’s. Will they be able to juggle a travel baseball team with another sport? School? Homework?

By giving this decision careful thought and consideration, you can make a choice that will leave you and your child with a rewarding experience in travel baseball.