How to Enjoy a Baseball Game – When You Don’t Enjoy Baseball!


There are so many things to love about baseball: the sound of the bat hitting the ball, the young talent that emerges each year and games that last hours on end in some of the most wonderful stadiums in the world. The only trouble is that not everyone loves baseball. It’s hard to believe – we know. So how does someone who loves baseball so much coexist with someone who doesn’t?

Whether you’re friends with someone who doesn’t see the true beauty of baseball or you are that someone, we have tips on how to enjoy a baseball game, even when you don’t really enjoy the sport.

Appreciate Your Friends

There is a lot of downtime during baseball games, so remember that you are going with a friend or family member – or group of friends – who you care about and (hopefully!) have a great time with. Even if the game is a little dull to you, you’ll have people to spend time with.

Explore the Ballpark

Modern ballparks have everything you could possibly imagine. Aside from all the amazing snacks and drinks you can pick up, you can also shop for baseball memorabilia or gear, and check out the history museum (if the park has one). Baseball stadiums are fun to explore, and this will give you a chance to step away from the game while still appreciating the sport.

Indulge in Snacks

If you’ve checked out all of the diversions and the game is still lingering on, there’s only one thing left to do: eat! Actually, you will probably be doing this the entire time anyway, as this is what people DO at baseball games! Again, modern ballparks will have the best selection of food, with things like gourmet popcorn, chicken wings and ice cream. At the minimum, you can always find a ballpark hot dog, peanuts or nachos with cheese.

Take in the Surroundings

Even if you don’t appreciate baseball as much as the next person, you can still enjoy the atmosphere. The crowds are always fun, and you’ll find that there are always people to cheer with. Plus, many baseball games take place on bright, sunny days during the spring and summer, so you can enjoy a beautiful day outdoors, perhaps even in your favorite city.

See the Competitive Side

So maybe you’re not into all the technicalities of baseball, but you do care who wins, right? If you have a competitive side to you, focus on who is going to win the game. This can help you focus on the game and actually get excited when the team scores a run and advances.

With these helpful tips, your friends may not even notice that you’re not a true baseball fan!