How to Get Along with Baseball Umpires (Psst…It’s Not Hard!)

Umpires take a lot of grief. Sometimes, it’s deserved, and other times – well – we know how that goes. Still, umpires are a necessary part of baseball since about 10% of the plays need clarification from someone who was on the field. Umpires prevent constant arguing between parents and coaches and allow the game to move on. So, it’s a good idea to get along with the umpires and expect that mistakes will happen on their part, too. They are human after all.

Below are a few simple tips for getting along with baseball umpires. Your child will thank you.

Respect Their Role

It’s not easy being an umpire. But, at the end of the day, it’s tough to have a fair game when there’s not a neutral, third party watching on. Remember that umpires have a lot of value to the sport. Also, they are human and do the best they can, just as we would if we were out there.

Focus on the Kids

Everyone on the field is there to have fun, and the adults should do a good job of working together to create a positive, rewarding environment for the kids. When you set yourself apart from other coaches or umpires, it creates tension and hostility. Which environment would you rather see your child play in? Pay more attention to your kid’s contributions to the game and less on what the ump is doing.

Have Reasonable Expectations

You’ve seen it before: refs and umpires at the highest levels on national TV for championship games, and they’ll still make calls that aren’t favored by everyone. It happens. Don’t expect perfection, and don’t expect to get your team’s way all the time. It’s better to accept the decision and move on in the game. Plus, it makes for interesting, “did you see the call?” dinner chatter.

Be Polite

Imagine what it looks like when coaches or parents come running onto the field with their arms up in the air. Do you really want to be this type of adult? An umpire expects to have rule-following adults that appreciate the game of baseball, so give that to the game rather than a hot head or large ego.

Getting along with umpires is not only possible – it’s easy!