How to Prepare Your Child for Baseball Tryouts

Tryouts can be an overwhelming time in your child’s life (and yours, too!), especially as kids grow older and the game gets more competitive. Landing a spot on the team of your choice means that you have to know what the team is looking for. The good news is that usually, most baseball teams are looking for positive, confident and athletic players to join their team.

Here are helpful tips for helping your child prepare for tryouts. Let’s dig right in!


A little practice and preparation goes a long way in making your child feel confident and in control during tryouts. For two weeks prior to the tryout, spend time practicing skills like throwing, hitting and fielding. Have your child get dressed in the appropriate gear – baseball pants, jersey, cleats – so that you know everything fits and is comfortable!

Below are a few tips for each skill.

  • Pitching – Warm up, take your time and use good mechanics.

  • Hitting – Have a plan of action, trust your swing, make solid contact and run the bases hard.

  • Fielding – Stay focused, move on every hit and communicate on each play.


Positive attitudes are always best, and players with these attitudes are easiest to coach. Remind your child of the importance of listening, being a team player and following directions. Tell them that mistakes are normal, and they should not overreact if they strike out or drop a ball. Help your child set realistic goals for the season. Be a good role model by introducing yourself on the first day of tryouts and following instructions with a good attitude.

Tryout Day

Show up early for tryouts so that your child has time to settle in and warm up. Your child should come fully dressed and ready to learn something new. Introduce yourself to the coaches, and don’t be afraid to give a lasting impression, such as by helping carry equipment. You want to show that you and your child WANT to be part of the team.

Most importantly, have fun. Tryouts sometimes go smoothly, and sometimes they don’t. The best you can do is encourage your child to put their best effort forth and enjoy the time on the field. If you feel that your child could use some additional practice, check out our private instruction and conditioning classes from CK’s Baseball.