Keeping Warm Through Fall Baseball Games

Baseball is one of those sports where there is very little downtime. Many communities offer spring, summer and fall leagues. If you signed your child up for a fall league, you’ll be sitting through games until the end of October. A lot can change in regards to weather – you won’t be the first parent to start the season off sweating and end it shivering.

As we move to cooler temperatures, it’s important to dress you and your family warm so that you’re comfortable during the game. Baseball games can be long, and there’s nothing worse than sitting in the stands shivering. Remember that temperatures drop quickly at night, too!

Below are some tips for keeping everyone in the family warm and comfortable this fall baseball season!

Wool Socks: Warm feet mean a warm body, so keep those toes cozy with wool socks. Also, if it rains, you’re out of luck in cotton socks. Wool socks are better at wicking away moisture and keeping the feet dry.

Fleece Blankets: Stock up on cheap fleece blankets and keep them in the trunk of your car. These blankets will keep you warm and block the wind.

Hand Warmers: Like your feet, your hands play a role in how warm your body is. Keep them warm with a pair of hand warmers. The advantage to these over gloves is that you can still hold other things, like a warm beverage or camera. Keep the hand warmers tucked in your jacket or sweatshirt so they’re there when you need them.

Ponchos: Keep a poncho for everyone in the family in your trunk. You never know when it’s going to rain, and even a light rain in cooler temperatures can make for a miserable baseball game. Ponchos are cheap, lightweight and easy to pack. Plus, they won’t obstruct anyone’s view like an umbrella would.

Wool Hat: Any hat will do, but wool is the best because it holds the heat in. On really cold nights, wear a hat and pull your sweatshirt or jacket hood over it. Keep the hat packed with your hand warmers or gloves so that you don’t forget it.

Warm Beverages: Don’t wait until you are freezing to drink a cup of hot chocolate. Grab some on the way to the game and you will feel warmer for longer. Pack warm soups, hot chocolate or hot apple cider in thermoses for everyone to enjoy throughout the game