Most Expensive Baseball Cards in History


There’s no arguing with the facts: there are a lot of valuable baseball cards out there. There are three main factors that are used to determine the worth of these cards: their rarity, their condition and the interest from collectors. What this means is that just because a baseball card is old doesn’t make it valuable.

That said, some of the oldest cards are worth more because they are rare. For instance, there are several baseball cards found in the Cracker Jack boxes that are highly desirable, even in poor condition. The cards issued in Cracker Jack boxes back in 1914 were the box “prizes”, therefore, many of them have creases and folds. So, if there are halfway decent cards out there from this time period, they become more valuable than, say, another card in great condition from a different time period.

Also, some of the misprinted cards are the most valuable because of their rarity, which is what you’ll find with cards that have misspelled names, missing backgrounds and even swapped out players on the card (i.e., Slow Joe Doyle was put on a card instead of Larry Doyle).

Here are some of the most expensive baseball cards in history.

1. Honus Wagner T-206 Portrait White Border Sweet Caporal Cigarettes, Value: $925,000 (Memory Lane Auctions, 2009)

2. Larry Doyle T-206 (hands above head pose), Value: $329,000 (Robert Edwards Auctions, 2009)

3. 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311, Value: $112,800 (Memory Lane Auctions, 2008)

4. Nap Lajoie 1933 Goudey Gum #106, Value: $32,312 (Robert Edwards Auctions, 2009)

5. Joe Jackson 1914 Cracker Jack Ball Players #103, Value: $21,150 (Robert Edwards Auctions, 2007)

6. 1911 E94 George Close Candy Cy Young Throwing, Value: $14,100 (Robert Edwards Auctions, 2009)

7. T-206 Eddie Plank Portrait misprint error, Value: $13,145 (Heritage Auctions, 2006)

8. T-206 Sherry Magee portrait misspelled name error, Value: $10,525 (Robert Edwards Auctions, 2009)

9. E145-1 Ty Cobb 1941 Cracker Jack Ball Players #30, Value: $7,637 (Robert Edwards Auctions, 2009)

10. 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle portrait rookie card #253, Value: $4,700 (Robert Edwards Auctions, 2009)