Earn Rewards with Perkville

Perkville Rewards!
Enrich your child’s love of baseball with the help of our new rewards program powered by Perkville.com!

Perkville points can be redeemed for money in your CK’s Baseball4U account to be used on a CK’s membership, specialty classes, seminars, batting cages for extra practice, Pro-Shop equipment, and apparel.  Specialty classes include Speed & Agility Conditioning, personal strength training sessions, Yoga for athletes, and CK’s Fitness Challenge.  Keep earning points throughout your baseball training to continue earning vouchers!


150 points = $15 credit
250 points = $25 credit
500 points = $50 credit

Earn 5 points automatically whenever you attend a class/training session!
Earn 10 points for every $50 you spend in the Pro-Shop!
Earn 20 points when you post about us on Facebook!*
Earn 20 points if you mention us on Twitter*
Earn 40 points automatically by signing up for Perkville!!!

* Facebook posts and Tweets will only give you points if they are sent through Perkville’s site.  Log-in, write, submit and earn points!



Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Perkville email look like, so I can keep an eye out for it?
Just in case, be sure to check your spam folder after your next class.  You’ll receive an email each time you earn points.

I didn’t receive an email from Perkville, how can I get started?
You can always sign up at www.Perkville.com, just to be sure to use the same email on your account at CK’s so you can earn points!

What do I say when I post on my Facebook page?
Share your victories and triumphs about being part of the game.  How has your child’s swing improved?  Check out the sidebar to see what others are saying.  Be sure to make your posts and tweets through the Perkville site for them to be eligible for points!

How do I refer a friend?
Your friends will receive an email from Perkville offering them a discounted offer.  They’ll only have 48 hours to purchase this offer or any other baseball training program from the time you send the email, so let them know.  Tell them what clinics or classes you attend or have in the past.  

How do I redeem my Perkville points?
Your Perkville account keeps track of all your accrued points, as well as our records at CK’s. You will receive an email from Perkville alerting you that can redeem your points.  You have the choice to print out the voucher directly from Perkville or bring it to our attention when you attend class.  

Can I give my Perkville points to someone else?
Sorry, Perkville points are non-transferrable.

Can I apply my Perkville points towards my class purchases or private training sessions?
We cannot apply the points towards class sessions or baseball private training lessons.  This program is in place to help enhance your baseball training experience by giving incentives to take specialty classes, learn from seminars, and purchase quality equipment that’s right for you or your child.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy those points!