I am sure many people heard about the high school baseball game that resulted in a bench clearing brawl last week between Red Bank Regional and Rumson Fair-Haven. The brawl was apparently started initially by a base runner running over the catcher and everybody who has played this game at the amateur level knows the slide and avoid rule. Players today need to remember to work hard, play hard but play fairly and by the rules that are stated. Put the effort and hard work in and results that you strive for will follow. The consequence for both those teams resulted in a pre-mature end to their season as they have been disqualified from the state post-season tournament. Just think that all this could have been avoided by following the simple rule since they have been playing little league baseball of slide and avoid. Yes, while both teams and every player joined in the melee it was all started by one player playing outside the rules and now both teams suffer the consequences. PLAY HARD but PLAY FAIR!