Tips for Practicing Baseball at Home


Baseball is a team sport, but you don’t need an entire team to practice your skills. Using at-home training tactics, you can advance your own skills and become a better athlete all around. Practicing at home also allows you to build confidence and control for when you are on the field. So gather up your baseball equipment and let’s get started with simple yet effective practice techniques to do at home!

Speed Sprinting

Moving quickly is a great skill to have on the baseball field. It’s needed for catching balls, sliding into bases and getting quick outs for your opponents. The best way to increase your speed is to do sprinting at home. The distance between the bases is 90 feet, so mark off this distance in your backyard. You can create your own field or simply draw straight lines of 90 feet each. Practice sprinting back and forth, and time yourself to get a better idea as to what progress you’re making. Also be sure to practice other skills that are helpful when running such as turning, sliding and running through the bases.

Throwing Accuracy

Developing your throwing arm is another important skill to have on the field. The nice thing about practicing at home is that you don’t have to worry about anyone else. You can practice at your own pace and get comfortable throwing a faster, stronger and more precise ball. To practice precision, pick a spot on a fence or tree that others won’t mind you throwing against. Mark an X with tape at several heights and begin throwing. Try throwing from different distances and positions to see what you’re best at.

Precision Hitting

Maybe batting isn’t your strongest position, but it pays to be a strong batter. The more you hit the ball, the more opportunities there are to score runs. People overlook the benefits to using a tee to hit off, but it’s actually a great system. You can get a little deeper in your swing and hold a stronger hitting posture. So bust out that tee and practice your batting!

You can also use the same markings on the fence or tree that you were using for throwing and practice hitting toward these targets. Watch how the ball flies, where it lands and what you can do to make it closer to your target. This will give you more confidence and control over how the ball moves once it leaves the bat.