What is Speed and Agility Training?

Speed and agility training is a series of drills or exercises that work the leg muscles, core muscles and tendons in the body. This type of training can be done at any age, as the level that the athlete trains at is equal to their performance level. The rep scheme and intensity is what changes the difficulty that the drills are done at.

How Speed and Agility Training Helps Baseball Players

At CKs Baseball, we offer speed and agility training for young athletes. Through increased strength and speed, athletes are able to deliver more force that is needed for hitting and running at a consistent level. Improved agility helps athletes move the body in more efficient ways, which is helpful when hitting, pitching, running and sliding into bases.

Additionally, speed and agility training increases reaction time, builds stability in the ankles, knees and hip joints and allows the body to adapt to sporadic situations. All of these skills can greatly improve your child’s game on the baseball field while preventing the risk of injury.

What Types of Exercises are Done?

Since speed and ability training works the entire body, there is a combination of exercises that are done. The exercises focus on velocity, coordination, agility and cardiovascular endurance, such as lunges and squats, as well as reaction training and resistance training. The exercises chosen are based on the age and skill level of the athlete, and many programs have their own unique exercises. No matter the age or skill level, the drills are designed to make the body faster, stronger and more versatile, which is helpful for any type of sport.

Where to Find a Speed and Agility Training Program

Speed and agility training at CKs Baseball is offered to athletes ages 8-18 through our Rookie Program and All-Star Program. We make the classes fun and safe for young kids while developing better athletes. Within a few classes, you’ll see that your child has improved speed and quickness out of the batter’s box and in between bases. Most importantly, speed and agility training develops confident athletes, and when you’re self assured on the baseball field, you have better control over your game.

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