Why Do People Put Tape on Their Baseball Bats?


You’ve probably seen baseball players tape up their bats, but you may not know why. Surely it’s not to hold the bat together since they are made from strong enough materials like metal, aluminum or wood. And it’s probably not a fashion statement either. The truth is that there are a number of reasons why people tape up their baseball bats, but all have to do with extending the usage of their bat and increasing its performance.

Let’s explore why tape has become so commonplace on baseball bats and how it makes a difference.

Improved Grip

Tape is used on baseball bats that are made from wood, composite or metal to improve their grip. Wood bats in particular are made with no grip, so most players use a sticky substance like pine tar, tack or tape to make the bat easier to hold. Metal bats come with a grip attached, but some players prefer making their own grip for better control and added comfort.

Extended Lifespan

A second reason why players add tape to their baseball bats is because they want to extend their lifespan. Every bat has a “sweet spot” that is located around the middle of the barrel. With continuous hitting in this area, it’s not uncommon for bats to start cracking or peeling. Applying tape to this area can add life onto the bat by keeping it protected. If cracking has begun to happen already, tape will keep the bat intact during practice, but it won’t be able to be used on the field.

Absorbed Shock

Some players add tape to their bats to make the handle thicker. This provides more support when hitting the ball because it absorbs shock and reduces sting. Adding tape to the bat also increases its thickness and makes the bat heavier. For players that have a lot of wrist discomfort from sting, tape can be a simple solution.

Fast Maneuvering

The grip that comes from the manufacturer is often thick, and it can delay the time that players need to rotate their wrists and generate more bat speed. By removing the grip and replacing it with a thin layer of tape, players are able to maneuver their hands quickly when holding or swinging the bat.

The next time you see a baseball player with a taped up baseball bat, you’ll know that the tape was placed there for one of these reasons!